1. The Best Types of Home Heating

    It might be the beginning of October in Sudbury, but all of us in Ontario know that this only means one thing: winter is on its way. As we mentioned in a previous blog, there are many things to do in order to prepare your home for winter. Yet the great thing about these modern times are all the type…Read More

  2. Ways to Prepare for Winter, Part II

    Getting your house ready for winter might seem like an ordeal, but taking the time to prepare for is far less of an ordeal than running into problems down the road. Preventative measures are some of the best ways you can ensure your home is not only ready for the colder months, but that it stays rea…Read More

  3. Ways to Prepare Your House This Winter, Part I

    It might seem like winter is still further down the road, but the truth is, it’s fast approaching. September marks the beginning of the end (the end of summer, that is). Before the cold Ontario winds come in, before the first snowflake begins to fall, you need to make sure your house is prepped an…Read More

  4. Welcome

    Welcome to the new Borts Heating Services website! Stay tuned for updates.…Read More